🌎-CharChar Bean Books-🌎

🌎-CharChar Bean Books-🌎
CharChar Bean books is an imprint of Rope Swing Publishing. We strive to publish fun, colorful, and meaningful books for children.
#Kidlit covers a variety of ages for kidís literature under the age of 18, however we serve the smaller genre of picture and rhythmic books for younger children.
Our books are illustrated simply and typically donít have many words to be sure they are easy for very young children to understand. 
We strive to provide quality, affordable books in hopes of supporting parents reading to their children and helping them engage in conversation surrounding social issues.
We publish books that target building fundamental values and help small kids grow and learn to love, appreciate life and others around them
Rope Swing Publishing is always looking for children's authors who include social issues such as bullying, death of loved ones, abandonment, divorce, friends and family conflict, as well as personal psychological issues such as feelings of sadness, jealousy, anger and resentment. We seek to publish books that focus on the journey as well as the destination in helping kids face and overcome difficulty, therefore assisting them in establishing a solid base of problem solving skills.